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( )1.— ________ — Thank you.
A.Nice to meet you! B.Can I help you C.Happy birthday! D.How are you
( )2.John is ________ years old. Today is his ________ birthday.
A.nine; nine B.ninth; ninth C.nine; ninth D.ninth; nine
( )3.Teachers’ Day is in __________.
A.September B.October C.November D.December
( )4.This is my __________ term in the middle school.
A.one B.the first C.the one D.first
( )5.Jack’s birthday is __________ February and Jim’s birthday is __________ May 22nd.
A.in; at B.in; on C.on; at D.on; in
( )6.— I will(将要)go to Qingdao with my parents.— ____________.
A.Not at all B.Have a good time C.Thank you D.You’re welcome
( )7.— Is your birthday on this Sunday— ________. It’s on this Saturday.
A.Yes, it is B.No, it isn’t C.Sorry, I don’t know D.No, it doesn’t
( )8.— My skirt is too _________.— You can go and buy a new one.
A.old B.beautiful C.long D.nice
( )9.— It’s nice to meet you here, Dale.— Ha! I’m __________ to see you, too.
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