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( )1.— I need the blue jacket.— Here you are.— ________.
A.It looks nice B.That’s great C.Thank you D.You’re welcome
( )2.— ________ — Yes, please. I want a skirt.
A.Is this your skirt B.What do you want C.Can I help you D.How are you
( )3.I like these socks. I’ll take ________.
A.them B.these C.those D.they
( )4.— Lucy, are those your ________— The skirt is, but the sweater is not mine.
A.tapes B.photos C.trousers D.clothes
( )5.— Who are these ________— They’re Bill’s ________.
A.women; aunt B.woman; aunts C.woman; aunt D.women; aunts
( )6.Jack’s head is very small, but he is in a ________ hat. It’s funny(滑稽好笑的).
A.healthy B.tidy C.big D.long
( )7.This T-shirt is small for me. I ________ a big one.
A.sell B.thank C.spell D.need
( )8.— How about the watch? — I like it. I’ll ________ it.
A.ask B.sell C.help D.take
( )9.— Where are her ________— Look! They are on her feet(脚).
A.skirts B.trousers C.shoes D.sweaters
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