[ID:4-6309756] Unit 7 How much are these socks? 单元综合检测(含解析)
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1. —Where is your English teacher
—She is in ________.
A. Two Room B. the Two Room
C. Rooms Two D. Room Two
2. —Can I help you
A. You can. B. Yes, please. I want a pen.
C. You’re welcome. D. I can.
3. Does he want ________ that white T-shirt
A. to buy B. buys C. buy D. bought
4. We sell all our sweaters ________ very good prices and we have green sweaters ________only $20.
A. at; on B. at; for C. for; at D. for; on
5. These ________ are too small.I want to take that pair.
A. socks B. backpack C. short D. shoe
6. I like the red hat but my brother ________.
A. don’t B. doesn’t C. does D. do
7. —Mum, I want to buy an iPhone 5s for a change(改变).
—Well, I think there is no ________. It’s almost the same as an iPhone 4S.
A. reason B. need C. answer D. way
8. —Good morning, sir! ________
—I’d like to buy a sweater for my daughter.
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