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Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?
I. 根据上下文填入一个适当的单词,使句意完整。
1. If don’t play sports. I watch sports on TV.
2.Jeremy Lin is a good player.
3. Hurry up(赶快)!You can’t be for school.
4. I have a good mother and I always say, “Mom, I you.”
5. Let’s play soccer. It’s an sport.
6. Tennis like interesting.
7. I like basketball. It’s great .
8. We are classmates. We are in the class.
9. Bill always plays computer games school.
10. The teacher comes in the classroom a book.
II. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。
1. Fifty-nine are in our school. (class)
2. her brother think it’s interesting? (do)
3. Let’s ping-pong after school. (play)
4. My sister to school in the morning. (go)
5. Do you like sports on TV? (watch)
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