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新目标英语七年级上 Unit 2能力检测题
(满分:120分 时间:100分钟)
( )1. —Well, have a good day! —__________!_________,too.
A. OK; I B. OK; You C. Thanks; I D. Thanks; You
( )2.I have (有) ________ uncle and ________ aunt.
A.a;an   B.a;a   C.an;the  D.an;an
( )3. Thanks ____________ your pen, Helen.
A. at B. in C. for D. of
( )4.—________?—She is my sister.
A.Who’s she B.What’s this C.What’s her name D.How’s she
( )5. —Dad, these are my friends, Peter and _________sister Mona.—Nice to meet you!
A. his B. your C. my D. her
( )6.—What are these in English—They are ________.
A.an orange B.Orange C.oranges D.the oranges
( )7. Please caIIMary__________245-6218.
A.at B. for C. in D. of
( )8.—Is this a photo ________ your family—Yes,it is.
A.of B.to C.in D.at
( )9. I have________ uncle. He is in Guangzhou now.
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