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grandpagrandmaGuess whodadmomGuess who//uncleauntGuess who//sisterdaughterGuess who/:/cousinsonGuess who//Let’s review!auntuncledadcousingrandmagrandpamomsisterMy dad is my grandma’s ________.sonMy cousin’s mom’s brother is my ___________. dad My aunt’s brother’s mom is my _______.grandma Three tips for listening:听前要预测; 听中要记录;学会捕捉关键词和速记。Look at these two pictures carefully, and try to find out the differences.(仔细观察下面两幅图片,并试着说出它们的区别。)Listen for the key words(注意听关键词)I can see … in Picture 1, but I can’t see … in Picuture 2.babybabygrandpa1c Discuss and choose the photo Jiang Tao and his friends are talking about, and try to talk about the reasons.(讨论并选择压缩包中的资料:Unit 2 This is my sister. Section B.pptmy family[标清版].wmvU2 1b.mp3
Unit 2 This is my sister. Section B.ppt
my family[标清版].wmv
U2 1b.mp3
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