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(共18张PPT) 定语从句是指在句中作定语的从句。 先行词:是被定语从句所修饰的词 (通常是名词或代词) 关系词的作用: 1.引导定语从句 2.在从句中替代先行词,在定语从句中充当一定的成分,通常是主语或宾语,作宾语时常可以省略。 定语从句: 先行词+关系词(that/which/who)+从句 修饰 定语从句包括先行词,关系词,也就是从句的引导词和从句三部分。 例如: The girl who is behind the tree is Kate. The man who was driving too fast was drunk 先行词 关系词 指人 that (作主语、宾语或表语) who (作主语、宾语或表语) whom (作宾语) whose(作定语) 指物 that (作主语、宾语或表语) which (作主语或宾语) whose(作定语) Who is the girl that talked to you yesterday. 关系词在从 句中做主语 先行词是人 Look at the photos (that) I took on my trip. 关系词在从句中作宾语 先行词是物 It successfully shows the rich culture which makes Beijing so famous. 关系词在从 句中作主语 先行词是物 The photo (which) we liked best was taken by Zhao Min. 先行词是物 关系词在从句中作宾语 His father is the person who will be most unhappy. 先行词是人 关系词在从句中作主语 Tom is the boy (who/whom) we saw in the shop. 先行词是人 关系词在从句中作宾语 读下面的定语从句,思考关系代词是否可换成另外的,在从句中能否省略。 1) A shark is an animal that lives in the sea. 2) The boy that is reading a newspaper there is my cousin. 3) The songs which the singer sang were very popular. 4) Do you know the man whom I spoke to just now? 5) Many young people love the songs which have great lyrics. which who that that/who that 关系词后有名词或代词时,它就做宾语;如果其后没有 名词或代词,它就做主语。 ?定语从句中需注意事项 有些情况下只用关系词that,而不宜用which 1.从句所修饰的词又被形容词最高级或序数词修饰时 This is the most interesting story( that )I have ever heard. The first meeting( that) we will take part in will be held in the afternoon. 2.先行词是 something, nothing, anything等不定代词时 Here is something( that) I will tell you. 3.先行词既有人也有物时,只能用that I can remember well the persons and some pictures (that) I see. 4.先行词是one of,the one, 或用 little, much, few, no, all, some, any, the only, the very, the same, the last 作修饰时 Is it the one that you want ? I haven’t got much that I can offer you. 5.当主句已有疑问词 who或which时,用that Who is the woman that was praised at the meeting? 定语从句归纳拓展学习: 注意事项:从句谓动形式由先行词决定。 He likes the singer who is outgoing and confident. I enjoy the movies that are funny and educational. 1.I prefer shoes that ______(be) cool. 2.I like a pizza that ________(be) really delicious. 3.Who is the man that often___________ (come) here? 4.I have a friend who _________(play) sports every day . 5.Sometimes people will do something that____________(make) you angry. 6.I like musicians who ________(sing) the words clearly. are is comes plays makes sing ————关系副词 关系副词是用来引导定语从句的,它和关系代词一样,在从句中代替先行词,在句中作状语。 where:在从句中作地点状语,指代地点. when: 在从句中作时间状语,指代时间。 1.The hotel wasn’t clean. + We stayed at the hotel. The hotel where we stayed wasn’t clean. The hotel at which we stayed wasn’t clean. The hotel (which) we stayed at wasn’t clean. 2.I’ll never forget the day. I joined the League on that day. I’ll never forget the day when I joined the League. I’ll never forget the day on which I joined the League . 单项选择。 1. This is the job ______they laughed at. A.which B.as C.it D.who 2. Beihai Park is a beautiful park____built about 300 years ago. A.where was B.that were C.which was D.where 3. Who was the grey-haired man ______at yesterday’s meeting? A.we saw him B.we saw C.we saw who D.she was seen 4. The man ______is painting the house is my uncle. A.he B.whom C.whose D.who 5. What is the animal ______baby is sleeping in its pocket? A.who B.whose C.its D.which A C B D B 6. This book is for the students ______native language isn’t English. A.that B.of whom C.whose D.who’s 7. The robbers shouted, “Hands up!I’ll shoot anyone ______moves!” A.whom B.that C.who D.whose 8.The dictionary_____he paid 50 yuan for is very useful. A.which B.for which C.on which D.about which 9The boy_____parents died two years ago lives with his grandpa now. A.whose B.who C.his D./ 10.The man_______ is smoking is a bus driver. A. whom B.who C. which D. what C C A A B 把两个简单句合成定语从句 1)I like music. I can dance to it. I like music _______________________________. 2) She loves songs . They are gentle. She loves songs ___________________________. 3) Who’s the man ? He is reading over there. Who’s the man ____________________________? 4) Do you remember the man ? I met him on the street yesterday. Do you remember the man _____________________? 5)The girl is my cousin. She is waiting for the bus . The girl ___________________________________. which/that I can dance to which/that are gentle that is reading over there who/whom/that I met on the street yesterday who/that is waiting for the bus is my cousin
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