[ID:4-6755469] 中考英语二轮专题复习试题:介词及介词短语专项练习题(2组 含答案)
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介词及介词短语专项练习题 1.China’s first home-built aircraft carrier(航空母舰)hit water in Dalian ________the morning of April 26,2017. A.in B.on C.at D.to 2.We are going to give our English teacher a surprise ______Teachers’ Day.. A.on B.at C.in D.by 3.The earth goes ________the sun. A.around B.through C.between D.across 4.In the picture,he sits________me,looking very happy. A.beside B.among C.up D.through 5.I made coat with my hands.It was made_______hand not with a machine. A.in B.on C.by D. with 6.We asked to write____ink,that is,with a pen. A.with B.by C.in D.on 7.-Your math is good.Do you have any special ways to learn it? -No.Remember:Nothing can be learned ________hard work. A.against B.with C.through D.without 8.I gave the tickets to all the students ________ the ones who had already taken them. A.except B.beyond C.with D.among 9.Kids won’t go to school in the future.They will study at home ________the Internet. A.by B.on C.in D.to 10.They look at the burning building ________disbelief.They didn’t know what happened. A.in B.for C.on D.by 11.Catherine got married ________a policeman twenty years ago. A.with B.for C.to D.in 12.-Mary,what subjects do you have ________Monday morning? -We have English,Math,P.E.,and Chinese. A.in B.on C.at D.with 13.My aunt is coming to Beijing ________May 16. A.in B.on C.at D.to 14.A woman stood ________the window,watching the children playing games in the garden. A.past B.through C.across D.by 15.The moonlight is shining in ________the window.Everything in the room looks nice. A.over B.across C.through D.past 第二组 1.-How many teachers are there in your school,Emma? -There are 120 teachers________,eighty women teachers and forty men teachers. A.in person B.in danger C.in total D.in public 2.To protect the environment,we are encouraged to use china cups ________the paper ones. A.according to B.instead of C.in total D.in public 3.—Excuse me, sir, Are you sure the umbrella in your hand belongs to you? —Oh, sorry, I took it _____. Mine is over there under the chair. A. at once B. on time C. by mistake D. in all 4.He left school and began work ____ twelve. A. at the age of B.at the beginning of C. at the top of D. at the bottom of 5.Cao Yuan,a 22-year-old Chinese scientist, was regarded______one of the 10 top people by Nature in 2019. A.as B.for C.in D.at 6.--I never see Linda take a taxi to work. --To live a low-carbon life, she always goes to work ______her bike instead of______taxi. A.by;by B.on;by C.on;in 7.He drove so fast at the turn that the car almost went ______the road. A.off B.on C.along D.behind 8.--Is Mr Green at school? -Sorry, I don't know. But you can call him 340﹣5261. A.in B.with C.by D.at 9.Look! A boy is drawing ________ the bridge which is ________ the river. A.over; on B.over; above C.on; over 10.—Shall we stop and wait for others? —Sounds good. I think they will catch up______ a few minutes. A.during B.after C.for D.in 11.I want to learn a second foreign language English. A.except B.beside C.besides D.except for 12.--- Is that your headmaster? --- You mean the man blue? A.on B.with C.in D.with 13.Let’s take a walk ___________ the river after diner, shall we? A.along B.through C.upon D.over 14.Yesterday our headmaster made a speech ______ environmental protection, and we learned something about recycling of waste. A.on B.at C.to D.for 15.I think tea will taste better ____ some milk in it. A.for B.with C.from D.at 第一组1-5BAAAC 6-10CDABA 11-15CBBDC 第二组1-5CBCAA 6-10BADCD 11-15CCAAB
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