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Unit 1 The lion and the mouse 课件(26张)
large and strong
small and weak
bite the tiger with his sharp teeth
make a hole with his teeth
There was a lion in the forest. He was very large and strong.

One day, a mouse walked by and woke the lion up. The lion was angry
and wanted to eat the mouse. “Please don’t eat me. I can help you some day.” said the mouse quietly. “You’re so small and weak. How can you help me?” laughed the lion loudly. Then, he let the mouse go.

The next day, two men caught the lion with a large net. The lion bit the net with his sharp teeth, but that did not help. “How can I get out?” asked the lion sadly.

Just then, the mouse saw the lion. “I can help you.”he said. Soon, the mouse
made a big hole in the net with his teeth. The lion got out. “Thank you!”
said the lion happily.

From then on, the lion and the mouse became friends.
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