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Unit 3 Where did you go? PB Let’s talk 课件(16张)
rode a horse
rode a bike
Step 1:Warm-up and revision
1. Greeting and free talk: What’s the date today?
2. Let’s sing: Tell me about your holiday
3. Let’s review:Look and say (看图说出相应的短语,拼读短语,说出这些过去式的原形)21教育网
Step 2: Presentation and Practice
1. Let’s try: Wu Yifan and Amy meet Sarah at school. Listen and circle. First, let’s read. Now, Listen carefully (twice). Now, let’s check the answer.21cnjy.com
2. Let’s talk:
a) Watch and say: What are they talking about?
Sarah went to Hangzhou last winter holiday. What about Amy? Let’s watch and say: what are they talking about.
b) Listen and answer:
Where did Amy go last winter holiday?
How did she go there?
What did she do?
What else did she do? Look at the picture and guess. What did she do on the first day/ the second day/ the third day
c) Read by yourself and find out the words and the sentence you don’t know. 21世纪教育网版权所有
结合图片理解winter holiday和beach的意思。
d) Read after the tape.
e) Role play: in pair; together
3. 教师引导学生根据Amy’s holiday trip的思维导图,发挥想象,描述Amy’s holiday trip。(四人小组,全班分享)
4. 呈现Amy旅游信息的句子,要求学生根据提供的信息推断出合适的疑问句。
Step 3: Consolidation and extension
1. Make a dialogue
2. Write a diary about your trip.
Step 4: Summary

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