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Unit 5 Sports第5课时Speaking,Writing and Study skills课件:37张PPT
Unit 5 Sports Speaking, Writing and Study skills同步练习
1. — Dick, it’s dangerous to ride a bike on the slope.
—It’s _________, Mom.
A. high B. gentle C. wide
2. — Would you like to take a trip to Japan
—Yes, I’d love to. But I haven’t had a(n) _________.
A. notebook B. passport C. object
3. — What happened to Jim
—He _________ his dog and got hurt.
A. fell over B. took over C. looked over
4. — It’s difficult for children to _________ on such a narrow place.
— That’s true. They can easily fall down the board.
A. take action B. take off C. keep their balance
5. — I _________ see Dad. What time will he arrive at home
—At 2 this afternoon. Why not pick him up at the airport
A. can’t wait to B. agree to C. seem to
Ⅱ. 语法填空
(2018·湖南娄底)Lily was a single mother who lived with her little son. She lost her job two years ago and they lived 6.______ very hard life. Her heart was 7.______ (break) every time her son asked, “Can I have some more bread, Mommy”
Ask for directions.asf
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