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Lesson 49
I. 根据句意及所给提示,补全单词或用单词的正确形式填空。
1. Good morning, class! Today we’ll learn U__________Nine.
2. Mr Green is very busy and he h__________ has any time to play with his son.
3. Good __________(communicate) is very important between parents and children.
4. Friendship may be lost because of a __________ (understand).
5. She is always doing __________(好) in her homework.
6. I think we __________(需要) more help.
II. 根据中文意思完成句子,每空一词。
1. 我们应该学会如何与别人相处。
We should learn how to __________ __________ __________ others.
2. 我对自己的工作很满意。
I __________ __________ __________ my job.
3. 那时候他不得不在外露宿。
He had to sleep _________ _________ _________ then.
4. 我很高兴你找到了解决方案。
I’m glad that you have ___
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