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Lesson 43
I. 根据句意及所给提示,补全单词或用单词的正确形式填空。
1. Chinese usually eat with __________(筷子).
2. A__________ Tom was badly ill yesterday, he still went to school.
3. Look at the sign—No P__________! You can’t park your car here.
4. How many __________(勺子) are there on the table
5. People use forks and knives to eat in many _________(west) countries.
II. 根据中文意思完成句子,每空一词。
1. 你打算怎么花你的压岁钱?
How are you going to spend your __________ __________
2. 午饭我吃了两碗面条。
I had __________ __________ __________ noodles for lunch.
3. 在庙会上我买了一个灯笼。
I bought a lantern at the __________ __________.
4. 春节期间孩子们玩得很高兴。
Children have a good time during the __________ _________.
5. 你替我参加聚会好吗?
Will you go to the party __________ __________
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